Bobby's Bama: The Madison County Nature Trail

The Madison County Nature Trail off of Shawdee drive in south Huntsville is a mile and a half around a 17 acre lake.

"It's just a nice, quiet place to get your head cleaned out," said Butch Chaffin.

There are plenty of sites along the trail like a replica of a groundhog whiskey still, a 100 ft. "Cameron" covered bridge, and a small chapel.

There is also a cat named Catfish who is a resident of the park and is tasked with hunting mice.

"My good will ambassador, Catfish, he assumes he owns this 72 acre park, but he gets along very well with the dogs. He hides and he doesn't bother them at all," said Chaffin.

There are plenty of ducks and geese who take up residence here.

It's free to visit, but there is a charge for fishing. It's $1.50 per day, Monday through Friday, for people ages 16 to 60.

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