Lions have Spirited Sunday Practice

FLORENCE -- In their final practice before putting on full pads, the University of North Alabama Lions went through a spirited workout Sunday according to head coach Terry Bowden.
"It was a good spirited day with a lot of enthusiasm," said Bowden. "We were able to go eleven on eleven and there was a lot of excitement out there."

Bowden said after three days of installing the team's offensive and defensive schemes, the defense appeared  to have the advantage Sunday.
"We have a lot of veterans on defense, and not just UNA veterans but guys who have played a lot of football," said Bowden. "They were loose and flying around the ball. But on offense, a lot of this is brand new amd so you expect the defense to have the advantage early."

Bowden said he felt the Lions had made a lot of progress in four days and were ready to go in full pads Monday.

"Once we are in full pads we can reallu start to see where we are and who can step up and help us," Bowden said. "That's when players really have a chance to beging distinguishing themselves."

UNA will practice at 7:45 Monday morning.