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Congressman Aderholt takes on dangerous bridges

Today, Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt got a firsthand look at a bridge that drivers say is an extreme danger.

A young woman died on this bridge 5 years ago.

People living near the double bridges in the Marshall County community of Asbury hope the Congressman's ride across the bridge today is the first step in getting something done to make this area safe.

Sometimes seeing is believing, and the Congressman got to ride on a fire truck over those bridges.

Congressman Aderholt heard many scary stories about the double bridges on Martling Road, including that of junior firefighter Alethea Nixon, who died when the fire truck she was riding in wrecked along the dangerous bridges.

"The truck hit the corner here, the wheel, and flipped it," said Tamey Hale, of the Marshall County Commission.

Fire trucks made their way around the curves and the one lane bridges to show the Congressman the dangers.

Add a school bus that couldn't make the sharp turn while facing oncoming traffic.

"Parents have told me they worry from the time their children get on the bus until they get off the bus that evening. And that's sad. We shouldn't have to live like that," said Hale.

Cars take turns making their way over both bridges, but the latest accident happened just two weeks ago when two trucks hit head on.

So Congressman Aderholt decided to see for himself on a fire truck.

He made his way around sharp turns and through a one lane bridge only to do it again on the second bridge, a sight that turned him into a believer, calling it scary.

"This has got to be as difficult one as there is out there. Dangerous for the general public," said Aderholt.

Officials here are now hoping the congressman will see the need. But to replace the bridges is estimated to be $6 million.

Aderholt said he would be meeting with the Governor about it on Friday.

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