Bobby's Bama: Sally Howard Chapel

DEKALB COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - An Indian emperor built the Taj Mahal as a symbol of love for his wife.

And while it isn't as grand, there's a special spiritual structure right here in North Alabama built by a Congressman for his wife.

You will find no 'sinking sand' at the Sally Howard Chapel in the forest of Dekalb County. You WILL find a chapel built into solid rock, as solid as Congressman Milford W. Howard's love for his first wife.

"His first wife loved California. She didn't like it here... and in Los Angeles, I believe it was, was this church she loved, The Wee Kirk of the Heather, modeled after one in Scotland," said Elizabeth S. Howard.

But there is one item only found here.

"It was not embedded in a rock. That was his own addition," said Howard.

Her love for that church, prompted him to build this one after Sally's death. He was broke at the time of construction. While friends donated money for him to build a sturdy home, he chose instead to build this monument to his first love and her rock solid faith.

"Those words up on the bar... going that way are from her last letter to him before she died, with misspelled word and all," said Howard.

Quote, "God has all ways been as good to me as I would let him be."

Elizabeth Howard is not related to the dreamer, but literally wrote the book about his life and loves.

Milford Howard's second wife, Lady Vivian, made certain he was able to come here one last time.

The man behind the vision, Milford Howard, will never leave this place. As a matter of fact when he passed away, he was cremated and his remains are interned in the rock. It's a heart set place, right in the middle of Bobby's Bama.

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