Couple finally settles with insurance agency on damaged home

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - It's has been three months since the deadly April tornadoes and state officials said disaster has been nothing short of remarkable.

Several million cubic yards of debris has been removed and nearly 90,000 storm victims applied for some sort of Federal aid.

FEMA has approved more than $140 million in individual assistance, but despite help from the government and countless volunteers, the road to recovery for most people has not been easy.

"Not only did many of our neighbors lose everything, they've had a tough time with insurance companies and trying to get their money," said Jack Pearson.

Jack and Mary Ann Pearson have finally settled with their insurance company three months after their was destroyed by the storm.

"I had a battery operated radio. They said we had 17 minutes, seven minutes we heard it coming got in the hall covered up. One hit. It wasn't five minutes another one came. All the ceilings collapsed. I told my wife when I looked out the window, its all gone," said Pearson.

The couple was able to salvage a few pieces of furniture and then filed a claim with the insurance company.

Pearson said they refused to total his house.

"I put not totaled I had insurance company name below it," said Pearson.

Pearson said his first adjustor told him the house could be salvaged. He got a contractor who then determined it was going to be pricey to rebuild. That's when he said his insurance company finally totaled the home on July 18th.

The couple said no one should have had to wait that long and they feel like there are others in the same situation. They have a temporary place to live and a reinforced safe room is being built in the garage.

"We didn't know if we were going to live or die. We were in the hall praying," said Pearson.

The Pearsons said the tornado traumatized them so much they are in counseling.

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