Bobby's Bama: North Alabama Railroad Museum

A lot of people travel by plane now days, but there was a time when the railways were the fastest way of transportation.

The North Alabama Railroad Museum in Huntsville is trying to preserve that history.

The restored depot is complete with post cards, arrivals, departures, and other artifacts from the time period.

On the train, visitors can view the engine, dinning car and even the mail car--complete with slots for each town passed through.

"As a train would say go from Chattanooga to Sheffield, each of the little towns along the way would have a box and you would put the mail in there," said Hugh Dudley of the North Alabama Railroad Museum.

Packages would also be sorted and placed in sacks. Many people carried their clothing and personal items in trunks which were also stored there.

The museum began in the 60's in Sheffield but moved to Huntsville in 1985.

One by one purchases were made and attention given to even the slightest details.

"What we have here is a true representation of what was available for people to travel in during the 1920's and 30's, 40's....and into the 50's," said Dudley.

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