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Hammad Memon indicted for murder of fellow student

A grand jury has indicted 15-year-old Hammad Memon on a charge of murder.

Memon is charged with the shooting death of 14-year-old classmate Todd Brown. The shooting happened during a class change at Discovery Middle School in Madison on February 5, 2010.

Memon is being tried as an adult, but the state can't seek the death penalty because of his age.

His complete file, from the recent grand jury indictment charging him with murder to his mental health logs and juvenile court files, is now public record. 

Mark McDaniel has a photo of Brown hanging on his wall at his law office. He represents the victim's family.

"They look forward to the day this case goes to a jury. They long for justice in this case," he said.

According to Memon's files, he had received a number of school suspensions. His medical records show that he was depressed and suffered from ADHD. According to the documents, Memon's father, who is a doctor, prescribed him medication. The court no longer allows Memon's father to do that.

According to his file, Memon joined a gang but wanted out because he felt threatened by alleged fellow gang member, Todd Brown, and was concerned about his safety.

"Hammad was very fearful he would be subjected to a beating not only by Mr. Brown but also by other gang members," explained defense attorney Bruce Gardner.

McDaniel said that's just one side of the story and that his client isn't alive to tell his side.

"[Memon] walked up behind him executed him in front of other people," alleged McDaniel. "Mr. Memon can put any kind of spin he wants to on it."

Gardner is fighting to have the judge's decision to try Memon as an adult overturned. He said his client's mental state is too fragile to survive life in jail.

"I would like to see it resolved in juvenile justice system," Gardner said. "I fear I won't achieve that result." 

Memon's file also shows that his parents were fully aware of his moods and his problems at school, but they said they didn't know it had gone so far that he was carrying a weapon.

"A person doesn't just wake up in the morning with no problems, carry a gun to school, walk down the hall and shoot a fellow classmate in the back of the head," said McDaniel. "Something was brewing and people knew about it."

In the court document, Memon's mother said the night before the shooting, the teen was supposed to go home from basketball practice with the coach but she said there was a misunderstanding and Memon was left behind.

Memon's mother said he walked home in the cold rain and showed up at home hours later completely drenched. His parents remarked in the document that walking home in the rain and cold was something Memon would have never done before.

Defense attorney Bruce Gardner said Memon still fights mental issues today.

"He is being kept in close quarters by his parents for a variety of reasons," said Gardner. "He is working to get himself mentally better for his own safety."

Memon had a mental evaluation shortly after Brown's death. That evaluation showed that the morning Memon allegedly brought a gun to school and shot Brown in the back of the head, he felt Brown was a threat to him.

Documents show Brown had not threatened Memon directly. Memon told the psychiatrist he had planned to shoot himself after he shot Brown, but the gun jammed.

Memon, who will be 16 later this month, is out on bond but had to surrender his passport. The next step for the case is a trial in circuit court, but that hasn't been set yet.

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