Bobby's Bama: Decatur Police Department volunteers

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Vickie Copeland has volunteered at the Decatur Police Department for eight years.

"I am one of several ladies on call with the domestic violence first responders. When the police officers go out on a call, if the man or lady, either one, wants to talk to a first responder about the domestic violence situation then the police officers have a number they call," said Copeland.

She said the phones are manned 24/7 and they give information to victims about services, including safe houses, available to them.

"The main thing they want to know that somebody cares. Because a lot of times these women have been in these situations for years," she said.

Copeland also makes follow up calls to check up on the victims.

"It's rewarding to me because I was raised in a family situation where my father was very, very possessive and very jealous," she said.

Thomas Barry also volunteers. "I do the statistics for the crimes every month. I send those out to all the police. I follow several of the apartment complexes around town," said Barry.

He also serves as neighborhood watch coordinator and citizens police academy coordinator.

"I was the first and in fact I crossed 10-thousand hours, volunteer work in 2010 and believe I'm the first volunteer to reach that milestone," he said.

While volunteers like Barry and Copeland have their different reasons for helping, their work also saves the department money in manhours and provides services the community desperately needs.

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