Gov. Bentley asks for 60 day extension of Operation Clean Sweep

Friday Governor Robert Bentley requested a 60 day extension of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). Alabama was approved for this program following the April 27th tornadoes when an estimated 10 million cubic yards of debris was deposited across 65% of the state.

Operation Clean Sweep is a pilot program that was designed to provide a more immediate, deliberate and comprehensive approach to debris removal. As part of clean sweep, President Obama authorized a 90% federal cost share until July 12, 2011, for the removal of debris in counties designated for federal assistance that are within areas of extensive or catastrophic damage. Catastrophic damage is determined by the Federal Coordinating Officer in conjunction with satellite imagery.

"While great progress has been made to clean up the debris from the April tornado outbreak, there is still much work left to be done," said Gov. Bentley. "That is why I am requesting that Operation Clean Sweep be extended for an additional 60 days."

Currently, OCS is set to expire on July 12, 2011.

The Alabama Emergency Management Agency predicts all debris will be removed by the end of September.

(Information provided by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's office)