92 year old retired trooper leaves legacy in Decatur

Hubert Hester leaves behind a legacy as a war hero and decorated state trooper.  But for Linda Hester Jett, the oldest of 4 children....he was the best daddy in the world.   "I'd run get my baby doll and I'd jump in the bed and my daddy would take off his gun, holster and he'd come in there and lay in the bed with me and read to me."

Ask just about any baby boomer in Morgan County if they remember the trooper who gave them their drivers test....they'll will say, "Hester the Tester",.

"When Mr. Hester gave me my driver's license test, when I was 16 he came walking out of the office, test in hand...and went through marking x's on every number. Turns out those I had gotten right. It was just him. It was his very gruff personality, but underneath he had a heart of gold. And there are a lot of stories like that...all over Decatur."

Thomas Hill says his testing experience was good.  "He was very amicable and it was just a good memory."

Decatur Mayor Don Stanford says he was good man, but could be frightening to a youngster.  "He was like a high school principal. You get in the car and he said crank the car, start off do this, do that no joking around it was serious business. Scare you to death."

Jeannie Payne thought she's failed.  "I backed in and tapped the car behind me and I can remember thinking oh my life is over! I'm not going to get this driver's license, but he passed me any way....."

The parallel parking issue sticks in the memory of others like Bob Vaughn.  "I'd always been told that you didn't pass the parallel parking, portion of the test he would fail you."

And Mr. Hester's stern delivery didn't stop for family.  Just ask Linda.  "Sgt. Little said what's wrong with you...you should be so excited. I said, I failed! And he looked at Daddy and said Hester, what did she fail on? He said parallel parking. He said what did she do wrong? He said she parked too close to the curb and she dented my car door."

"...and he said that's ridiculous...and he gave me my license."

Mr. Hester is remembered as tough, but fair. A legacy to remember in Decatur.

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