Huntsville's storm benefit concert cancelled

The big tornado benefit show many thought would feature Willie Nelson has been canceled in Huntsville.

Martin Pierce, the owner of Huntsville Speedway, which offered the site for the venue, said he didn't believe Willie Nelson and other big headliners are under contract. Pierce thought the promoter was trying to sell tickets without obligations.

The promoter, Steven Blood or on-air personality at Cowboy Bill's Internet Radio, admitted to WAFF the big names weren't signed, and said he never claimed they were.

Blood said he merely said Willie Nelson, Gretchen Wilson and other big country music headliners were being talked to about performing, not that they were signed for the August 26th-27th event.

A posting was made on the Cowboy Bill's website Saturday morning. Pierce said he believes the promoter was going out on a limb.

"He's claimed these performers were coming in order to sell tickets, and he does not have them contractually obligated," said Martin Pierce.

"Not true! That is one-hundred percent false. That was never said, nor would I ever do because that would be the end of my career, 100 percent," said Steven Blood.

The Cowboy Bill's website now states the event has been canceled.

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