Local Firework Laws Differ

Temporary fireworks stands are getting ready for a busy weekend just in time for the 4th of July.

But not every local government allows fireworks in their jurisdiction.

"The city of Decatur has a Municipal ordinance which bans the sale, possession, ownership if fireworks any where in the city or police jurisdiction," said John Crouch, spokesman for the Decatur Police Department.

Crouch said that includes everything from the rockets, the bottle rockets, roman candles, even sparklers are illegal in the city of Decatur.

Break the law and you could be prosecuted.  There is a little more leniency in the county.

The Morgan County Deputy Chief said there is no such law for the county.

"Nothing exactly restricting fireworks in the county. Certainly the municipalities around has there's but as far as Morgan County there is nothing. We do emphasis the use of them, the care and the situation we're in with the no burn," said Captain Mike Corley, Morgan County Deputy Chief.

And our area of the state is still under that no burn order.

"Firework safety experts say use a little common sense when it comes to the use of fireworks....especially around your home and around children. Even simple things like sparklers can be dangerous, if children are not supervised."

By educating yourself, your 4th can be legal....and safe.

The city of Athens also prohibits fireworks, but it's ok in the county.  Moulton will allow fireworks if you have a permit.  Lawrence County does not.  All counties however point to the no burn order and the "keeping of the peace" within county limits.