Home builders see boom in business since April's tornados

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Seven weeks after April's storms there are construction crews working again that haven't seen this much business in years.

As devastating as the twisters were that hit Madison and Limestone Counties and the rest of Alabama, it has some advantage. Builders say it's putting money back into the economy.

Camden Court, which is between Capshaw Road and Highway 72 in Limestone County, probably won't ever be the same, but builders are doing their best to bring life back.

Marlon Morris owns Majestic Homes. He and his crew took what was left of a brick ranch home heavily damaged by the twister and put in new insulation, sheetrock, and brick.

"Anything damaged we took off and replaced more than actually needed, but we wanted to make sure it was better when we left it than when we found it," said Morris.

A few houses down, Morris' crew put the finishing touches on a paint job inside a home that had to have major repairs after April's tornadoes.

There's home construction going on all over the neighborhood.

"The saying goes 'Every cloud has a silver lining.' Since the storm, we've been running wide open just trying to help and do our part. We've been doing volunteer work too. The structural part has been good for the local building economy, which you know was in the dumps prior to this," said Morris.

While they are able to make extra money, they know they are helping someone rebuild their life at the same time.

The work isn't complete in the area, but workers are making progress, and some people could be back in their homes within the next few days to next few weeks.

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