Phils help Phil Campbell tornado victims

PHIL CAMPBELL, AL (WAFF) - The "I'm with Phil" convention, where Phil Campbells from around the world come to the Alabama town that shares their name, is a little different this year. The "Phils" are working to help a family who lost their home to the April 27th tornado.

A premiere of the movie "Grassroots" at Northwest Shoals Community College kicked off the effort. "Brooklyn" Phil Campbell wrote the book, "Zioncheck for President," which the movie is based upon.

"It felt like they were going to extend their hospitality to us. When the tornado hit, I wanted to do something back for them. I really can't wrap my head around the massive destruction, but I'm having small little moments of memories and nostalgia for things that I've seen. And knowing that they're gone. They're not there anymore," he said.

"Nottingham" Phil Campbell planned to attend the convention before the tragedy.

"It was a bucket list kind of thing. I'm going to go to that town. It's got the same sort of name. Sounds cool. I'll go and see what it's about," he said.

He said he is glad he has a chance to help Phil Campbell residents.

"We need to be aware that that could be my town. And it feels like it's my town because it's got my name attached to it," he said.

The "Phils" said they will work to raise $70,000 throughout Phil Campbell's 100th birthday weekend celebration. The money is to help build a Habitat for Humanity home for a family in need.

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