Church's efforts helping Pisgah residents

PISGAH, AL (WAFF) - The halfway point of the Rock Family Worship Center in Jackson County's commitment to helping the town of Pisgah after the April tornadoes is approaching.

Officials said they're on track and will be taking a day off soon.

At the request of the church, volunteers continue to arrive in Pisgah to do what they can to help clean up and rebuild.

On Thursday, a group from Naples, Florida, was helping out.

"We're just randomly placed day to day, you know where ever the need is so we're ready to serve," said volunteer Frankie Hendrix.

Pastor Greg Devries said a lot has been accomplished, but there's still a lot more to be done.

"There's people still going through fields so farmers can get in their fields, picking up debris, and cleaning off fence posts," said Devries.

The town's mayor said the church's work has not only changed the landscape, but the community as well.

"People are helping people and friends are helping people," said Mayor Chris Woods.  He added that it has brought the community closer together.

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