Insurance claims continue to rise in storm damaged areas

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In the days and weeks following April 27th's tornado outbreak, insurance companies have handled thousands of claims statewide.

So how do insurance companies determine what properties are a loss and the one's that can be fixed?

"We handle every claim on its own merit based on the damage that particular property sustained per the policy. We try to assess what it would take to get you back," said State Farm Insurance Spokesperson David Majors.

Not every homeowner has the same type of policy, and not everyone had the same kind of storm damage.

So just because your next door neighbor's house was leveled might not mean your home--with a certain amount of damage-- can't be salvaged.

"If that one wall was structurally sound and salvageable and you can rebuild back on that then we would access the rest of the damage with repairs process as needed to get you back where you were before the damage occurred," said Majors.

Majors said just from this one disaster, State Farm has already received 75% of their normal claim load in a year's time.

That number will likely grow.

So will that mean insurance rates will rise?

Majors said State Farm tries to anticipate premiums needed for future cases, so there will be money to pay out.  He could not say specifically if this disaster would cause insurance premiums to rise. However, Majors did say, State Farm does not plan to drop any policy holders.

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