Judge rules that Gov. Riley can't be subpoenaed for trial

Bob Riley (Source: WSFA)
Bob Riley (Source: WSFA)

A judge has blocked efforts by casino owner Milton McGregor to subpoena former Gov. Bob Riley to testify in the government corruption of McGregor and eight others.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Terry Moorer issued his order Sunday night in Montgomery. The judge ruled McGregor's lawyers failed to show the relevancy of Riley's testimony, but he left open the possibility that they could try for another subpoena later if trial testimony shows Riley might have relevant testimony.

Riley's attorney, Matt Lembke, says the judge's order confirms there was no reason to subpoena Riley. He said the investigation was begun by the Justice Department under President Obama's administration and the former Alabama governor had nothing to do it.

The judge also blocked efforts to subpoena three state police officials from Riley's administration.

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