No decision on whether Riley will testify in gambling corruption trial

The judge did not issue a ruling Saturday in a hearing over a subpoena for Former Governor Bob Riley to testify in the Alabama gambling corruption case.

In court, Joe Espy, the attorney for Victoryland casino owner Milton McGregor, told a federal judge he has information that former Governor Bob Riley was tied to the FBI's investigation of gambling corruption that involves nine defendants, including lawmakers.

Espy also wants former Director of the Alabama Department of Public Safety Colonel Chris Murphy and the department's attorney Michael Robinson to testify. He claims Murphy took four helicopter trips to Mobile during the investigation to meet with the FBI, which he thinks is relevant to the case.

"Well, I think it's a valid question, I raised it, they got no answer to it other than they don't want to talk about it," said Espy.

Attorneys for Riley disagree and argue Riley should be the only one to testify to it. "Bob Riley had nothing to do with Obama's justice department's decision to launch this investigation or bring these charges," said Matt Lembke, Riley's attorney.

Judge Moorer, who heard the arguments Saturday, will make a recommendation to Judge Myron Thompson, who is presiding in the trial.  Thompson's ruling may come before Monday, but could be as late as next week.

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