Harvest family receives first FEMA trailer in Madison County

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - The first FEMA trailer has arrived in Madison County. A family living on Yarbrough Road, who lost everything in the storm, moved in last week.

Tammy, Brian and little Shelby Thrasher were home April 27th. Tammy said their mobile home start popping, then suddenly the family went airborne.

"I was in a mobile home. My husband seen the tornado coming and we ran to a bedroom closet," she said.

"I could see it out the front door. It was huge. Black and had the golden hue, the dust," added Brian.

The tornado picked up the Thrasher's Yarbrough Road mobile home, tossing the family several hundred feet across the road and onto their neighbor's front porch.

"I looked up, didn't see the house here. The frame of the house was across the road there. It was horrendous," said Brian.

The family was still huddled together--alive but hurt.

Tammy had a broken wrist, Shelby and Brian were cut and bruised.

There was so much debris in the roadway, rescue crews couldn't get to them, so it was up to neighbors to help.

"They ran from their home to save us. To this day we still don't know who that is," he said.

Six weeks after the tornado outbreak, the Thrasher's are recovering. They plan to stay on the same lot where they lost everything.

They have a new vehicle, home, and a FEMA trailer, with running air conditioning and a wooden front porch.

The Thrashers moved in last week, but Brian said the home's not finished yet.

"Next thing I'm planning to do is build a storm shelter right out the back door," said Brian.

The Thrashers can live in the FEMA trailer for the next 18 months then they will have the option to buy it.

As for Tammy's wrist, the doctor said she'll be in a cast for at least two more months.

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