Concerns about chemicals and rodents near storm debris

TONEY, AL (WAFF) - Some homes have yet to be torn down six weeks after the tornadoes, and now that's causing health hazards for neighbors.

The grass is starting to grow up and there are rodents near two properties on Old Eli Road in Madison County.

One house is completely destroyed, the other is close to falling in.

There's jagged housing materials, liquid fuels, and chemicals on the ground.  One neighbor said he's even seen copperhead snakes.

The smell from waste is also attracting insects.

The Army Corp of Engineers said it's important to separate different types of waste so they can be disposed of properly.

Construction and solid waste material go to state-permitted landfills.

Hazardous materials go to state-permitted landfills created for the disposal of such chemicals.

Madison County Inspector Matthew Daner said a crew is being sent to check out the two homes on Old Eli Road. The county is also trying to find out who owns the property, and whether or not the person has insurance.

That information will determine how quickly things are cleaned up.

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