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Hot as blazes

Three people were at home when their house caught on fire. Three people were at home when their house caught on fire.
A cyclist was killed on a DeKalb County highway. A cyclist was killed on a DeKalb County highway.
Coyote attacks have increased in Decatur. Coyote attacks have increased in Decatur.

Hot as blazes

Good Monday afternoon.

It's one hot day! For firefighters, it's MORE than oppressive. In Monrovia, off Jeff Road on Red Wing Court, in the Summerfield subdivision, firefighters have been trying to extinguish a massive house fire. "Hot as blazes" is an understatement and this blaze is not going down easy. Fire units from the City of Huntsville are assisting Monrovia Fire, but this apparently is a tough one. We'll bring you their latest efforts tonight. No one was injured, but the house was destroyed.

Fire consumed the home of an elderly Russellville man and he was still inside. It happened in the 300 block of Lawrence Street. The 79 year old was found dead in his living room. He was on oxygen, but authorities aren't sure of the cause of the fire.

Firewood is the new form of currency in one Madison County neighborhood hard hit by the April tornadoes. Many of the homeowners on Lockhart Road in Madison County did not have insurance on their dwellings, so they are sawing up their downed trees and selling them for winter firewood to earn money to rebuild. Elizabeth Gentle is tracking their industrious efforts to make ends meet.

A woman riding a bike this afternoon in DeKalb County was struck and killed. We know she was killed on a very busy Highway 35, but this is the only detail we know right now.

Coyotes are causing chaos for pet owners in Decatur. Really. City leaders are holding a news conference this afternoon to arm pet owners will information on how to protect their cats and dogs. Why are these wild canines suddenly drawn to the River City lights? We're getting the answers.

Alabama's gambling corruption trial is in full swing in Montgomery. Authorities say it could take two or three days to pick a jury to hear the trial of the 9 defendants. You can keep up with this case and other political stories on our Alabama Politics page. You can even read tweets from your politicians and political reporters.

A traveling evangelist from South Alabama is in jail in Tennessee for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. 48 year old Glynis Bethel has sometimes aligned with the Westboro Baptist Church is associated with 21st Century House of God in Loxley.

This is just a briefing on a few "news nuggets" we're working on tonight. 

Kim and I will see you tonight at 5 and 6,

Liz Hurley
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