Anderson Hills HOA holds storm recovery meeting

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - Members with the home owners association in Anderson Hills held a Tornado Recovery meeting on Sunday afternoon hoping to address any concerns and questions residents might have on the rebuilding process.

State and local leaders were also in attendance.  "As with anytime you have an event like that, there's some misinformation that gets out, there's some fractured or splintered info, and we hope to tie all that together and give them direct guidance from the federal level, from the state level, from the community and county level, so they can continue to work to rebuild what was taken away from them in this tragic event," said State Senator Bill Holtzclaw.

FEMA workers said people should have received their funds by now or will within the next couple of days.

Mortgage brokers and tax assessors talked to residents about home loans and tax breaks for people's houses, but mainly, many people wanted to know when storm debris would be picked up.

"I think it's just a wait and see if something actually happens like when this is pushed to the street to make sure that it's in the ten feet criteria," said Bob Colbert, who has lived in the neighborhood since 1990.  He thinks it's unfortunate that two tornados have hit the community within sixteen years, but doesn't see himself leaving the area anytime soon.

If you have debris still on your property, officials ask that you push it to the curb. Workers will start picking up debris Monday morning.

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