Farmers work to recoup from April's tornadoes

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Some Valley farmers not only lost their homes, but their livelihoods in the April 27th storms.

Menefee Farm in Limestone County was one of the farms that was damaged. Stanley Menefee said he's fortunate because most of his farming equipment made it with only minor damage, though his sheds and buildings were destroyed. His crops were a mess too. Debris was blown and scattered into his wheat fields.

Menefee and volunteers spent days after the tornado outbreak picking up debris.

"I'd love to thank everybody that helped. I'd be in worse shape if I hadn't had all the help," said Menefee.

Menefee was at his home, in the storm shelter, when the twister plowed through. He knew his property was damaged-but repairable.

"We are going to be fine.  We have to work through it, clean it up, do the best we can this year. I think we are all glad to be alive, have a home to live in," said Menefee.

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