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My Take - Watching The Weather

A lot of us look at the sky a lot differently since April 27th, and it's certainly understandable. In addition to the violent outbreak of tornados in Alabama, deadly storms have struck across the Great Plains and Midwest in the weeks since. Where a simple summer storm might not have raised too many eyebrows before, those clouds are now met with anxiety and in some cases, downright fear. We at WAFF48 are well aware of the nervousness our viewers feel when it comes to severe weather. While our commitment to tracking storms has never been stronger, we're just as committed to doing so with clarity and sensitivity—making sure you know when there's a legitimate threat to lives and property, but also making sure you know when there isn't. Not every storm will be severe, and it's our job to inform, not to incite. When the threat is real, we'll make sure you know just how real it is and we'll monitor the threat until it passes. But we also won't cause you to worry when there's no need. I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take. What's yours?

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