Animals left homeless after April's tornadoes

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Their faces blanket the internet. Their little bodies fill local shelters. They are the pets found after the April 27th twisters.

There are small dogs, cute cats, big dogs, and one really lucky dog.

Right after the storm, Lucky was found in the middle of Jeff Road and Highway 53, one of the busiest intersections in Madison County. She was dazed, confused, very lost, but very lucky.

Initially, Lucky was treated and cared for at Huntsville Animal Services. Now's she's in foster care with Wendy Cunningham.

"I was heartbroken and had to have her. I fell in love and just hoping we can find her human," said Cunningham.

Wendy is trying to accomplish that feat by posting online and hanging flyers.

Wendy is sharing Lucky's story because Lucky is one special dog. Before the storms, Lucky lost a leg and most of her teeth. Now, she is weak and sick.

Complicating a family reunion is the fact that she had no collar and no tag when she was first found.

"Always have a properly fitting tag on your dog and second when you lose your pet don't assume it's dead, look for 30 days," said Dr. Karen Hill Sheppard, with Huntsville Animal Services.

Those 30 days are up, but still Dr. Sheppard and Wendy have hope that Lucky's owners will soon read their pleas on shelter websites, on Facebook, or at local intersections.

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