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Social media sites play important part in tornado recovery efforts


Social media was a lifesaver for many during April's storms.

Cell phone towers were destroyed when an EF-5 tornado went through Franklin and Marion counties.

"When it hit you couldn't call anybody or text anybody," said survivor Natalie Stiles.

With only minor bumps and bruises, she wanted to get the word out to family and friends that she was alright, and since she couldn't call people, she used her cell phone to post a message on social media sites.

"People were worried about me, and they couldn't get in touch with me, so Facebook was the first place I went to. You could easily post and when they finally got to it they'd know if you were ok," said Stiles.

Facebook is also being used to raise awareness about tornado devastated areas. The group called "Please Rebuild the Wrangler Distribution Plant in Hackleburg" was created right after the storm hit.

"It's just one of the wonderful avenues that we have to communicate and get our word out," said Pastor Steve Lawrence, who's a follower of the page. "I tapped in to it. I saw so many comments there trying to encourage Wrangler to come back.




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