Contractors get big boost in business from tornado damage

There's a positive twist coming out of last month's tornadoes, a spike in business for those who help folks rebuild.

Contractors, roofers, and movers are all seeing more demand for their services, and that putting some people back to work.

Before the tornadoes, Lewis and Son Roofing and Construction in Huntsville, which has been in business 56 years, was seeing its toughest years due to the bad economy.

"We were having to lay people off, just down to a few numbers of us here until things picked up," said manager Tom McQuary.

Things have picked up so much that the company hired three new employees since April 27th.

"We use to only get about 25 to 30 calls a week and now we are up to around 60 to 70 per day," said McQuary.

It's clear others in the construction business are looking for work too.

The Anderson Hills community in Harvest, which took a direct hit from a tornado, is littered with signs advertising roofers and painters.

With the construction business up, hardware is in high demand.

The big sellers at Lewter Hardware are tools, tarps and chainsaws.

"It's just been lucky for us that we had the stuff that people needed when they needed it," said salesman Jay Laster.

Not to say, the tornadoes were a blessing in disguise, but for businesses that were looking for a boost, they have one.

The Lewis and Son Company wanted to give folks a warning. Construction scammers are out to make a quick buck off of you, so be sure to check if a company has all the proper permits, insurance and they're licensed. You want the job on your home to be done right the first time.

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