Hurricane Katrina survivors help with recovery effort in Arab

It's been nearly six years since Hurricane Katrina devastated southern Louisiana. When the call for help was made, Alabamians responded.

Now a group of Katrina survivors is in Marshall County returning the favor.

Mike Andras leads a busy life in the bayou area of Grand Isle, Louisiana.

"I work two weeks offshore and two weeks off. My two weeks off, I go shrimping," said Andras.

Despite the flooding affecting his home state, he's in Arab this week helping with the tornadoes cleanup effort.

"So I hauled sandbags Friday and Saturday and my week over here I'm just cutting down trees. I just like to help people out," he said.

Mike is part of a group from First Baptist Church of Grand Isle headed by Pastor John Boss.

"About two weeks ago, he called and said, 'Hey man, we want to return the favor. We're going to call it, Katrina Victims Give Back. You line us up some work and we'll be there,'" said Pastor Adam Ragsdale of Lifepoint Brindlee Mountain Church in Arab.

Pastor Boss said it was Alabamians who helped them when Katrina struck their small island town six years ago.

"The mayor of our town actually said if it wasn't for the churches coming to help re-roof and rebuild Grand Isle it would have taken a lot longer," said Boss.

So Pastor Boss's group of church members have come to help move and haul off the debris in Arab as the community seeks to rebuild.

"Just to give some hope and encouragement that other people who Alabama has helped before, we want to come and help them," Boss said.

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