Alabama poultry farmers devastated by tornadoes

Alabama's Agriculture Industry was devastated by April 27th's tornadoes.

More than 500 poultry houses were damaged, and 210 of those were destroyed.

Over three million chickens, 92 cows, and 30 horses were killed.

Agriculture Commissioner John McMillan said some people not only lost their homes, but when their poultry houses were destroyed so was their primary source of income.

"We met a couple last week, that just before had made the last payment on their loan for chicken houses, now they are gone. They were in their late 60's. They said 'That's it for us,'" said State Agriculture Commissioner John McMillan.

Poultry producers and other farmers are encouraged to participate in a webinar being held Friday. Farmers will have the opportunity to ask questions about available resources, filing claims and other issues.

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