Bobby's Bama: Family on German reality show

Renja Reinig-Schmitt, her husband and daughter operate Schnitzel Ranch on University Drive.

What customers might not realize is that Renja and her family have been on German TV for the past few years. The reality show "Good Bye Germany - The Emigrants" followed them from their home in Germany to Huntsville. While still in Germany, teenager Chris talked about his excitement about moving here; A decision made while here on vacation.

"We traveled through the southern...and we traveled across seven states and stayed a few days every we picked out together the place. One year before we moved here," said Renja. "We loved it from the very first day."

Schmitt said there is a massive migration out of Germany--about 60,000 people a year--and that lead to the creation of the TV show.

The family is here on a visa which involves their restaurant.

With reality television, she said sometimes you forget you have on a microphone. "You forget sometimes. Because when we had the microphones on and we were driving through Huntsville and the TV crew was behind us and they have, of course, had the headsets and everything on and they hope to catch something."

Even now, after three years, she says some days are challenging.  "There were times when I say - get the hell out of here - get out of here with the camera in my face....there were a few moments."

Some people here know about the reality show.  Lynda Grizzle says everything about the restaurant and owners are real.  "It's the real deal and we know about the reality show and the food is reality too."

Schmitt said she would love for her family to become U.S. Citizens but... "Actually I found out that for people who make it legal -- come over and provide jobs and pay taxes-- they make it more difficult than for the illegals...we found this out."

But that's another show for another time.

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