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Zoning ordinance causing problems for Phil Campbell storm victim


As the town of Phil Campbell tries moving forward and rebuilding, a zoning ordinance is holding up some residents back. 

Cynthia Pounders lost everything in the EF-5 tornado. She has no house insurance. 
"25 years I've lost and I can't replace. I still have my life and I'm grateful for that, but the things that I've lost I can't replace," said Pounders.

She's registered with FEMA and was planning on putting one of their mobile homes on her land, but a zoning ordinance doesn't allow any mobile homes or trailers in the area.

The town of Phil Campbell has lifted the ordinance for the next 18-months, but after that any mobile home or trailer will have to be moved.
"I can't afford to rebuild, I don't want to relocate, and I don't want to rent. I want to be allowed to come home and live in what I can afford without anyone telling me what I can live in," said Pounders.

"There's a lot of groups that are coming in to rebuild the city, rebuild houses. There's already a tent city of Mennonites here," commented incident commander Barry Pounders.

Officials say there's other programs out there that can help in the rebuilding process.

Pounders isn't sure what she'll do on her property in the future.

The Phil Campbell town hall will re-open next week so residents are asked to stop by if they have any questions about rebuilding and zoning.

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