Facebook page collects pictures lost in storms

Motlow State Community College in Fayetteville has become a collection point for pictures lost and found after last week's tornado outbreak.

Motlow students are scanning pictures onto "Pictures and Documents found after the April 27, 2011 Tornadoes" Facebook page created by Patty Bullion from Lester. So far the students have collected dozens.

They've had people bring in documents, like diplomas, marriage licenses, and one army discharge paper from 1959. Tornado victims are claiming the pictures and one picture was of a man who was killed.

"There was a lady from Mississippi. It was a picture of her grandfather. She sent a message and our director has been talking to her. And she said that he did not survive. And she was very grateful to get his picture back," said Nikki Fanning, President of Phi Beta Kappa at the Motlow campus.

If you find any pictures from the storm and don't have a scanner, you can take them to Motlow State Community College at 1802 Winchester Highway in Fayetteville. Here is a link to the school's website http://www.mscc.edu/ or if you do have a scanner you can directly upload them to the Facebook page by clicking here.

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