Limestone County man recalls when tornado hit his street

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Chipmunk Way in Limestone County was leveled by last week's storms.

Cody Helms now has no place to call home.

"It was dark rainy loud thundering lightning. We had no power, no radio. There were six of us in the house. Grandma was next door in a trailer," said Helms. "What happened was we were sitting in the living room, saw the sky turn black, we couldn't see nothing, not grandma's trailer."

"Once me and my dad got the door open, it hit us, threw us back into the bar,"Helms continued.

His friends jumped into the hallway, and he jumped into the laundry room.

"Glass started flying, the roof caved in and fell on me," he said.

Cody's main concern was getting to his grandma. Her double wide was picked up and thrown over the house, and she was tossed under a refrigerator in the back yard.

"I carried her 100 feet all the way to the house to the one down there. We laid her in there. She was conscious. Grandma has 15 staples, a broken pelvis, scrapes bruises, broken ankle," said Helms.

Cody's beloved animals all survived, though, his neighborhood is gone.

"It's still a shock to me. I come out here everyday look at it and think it was a nightmare. I don't believe it was real," he said.

The family has managed to salvage a few personal belongings. He said they will rebuild, eventually.

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