Man rescues injured neighbors from storm debris

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Dozens were injured and at least two people were killed in the Limestone-Madison County line area.

Two twisters leveled the Wales Road and Chipmunk Way areas, and massive trees blocked access to rescue workers.

Steve Wales--better known as "Scuba" Steve by his friends--knew his neighbors were likely hurt so he took off in his truck to help haul them to safety.

Wales said he saw a debris cloud bearing down on his neighborhood.

"I'm usually not one to run from a storm, but I knew that day was different," he said.

In only a few short seconds, Wales home and everything around him was gone.

His first thought...

"Oh my god, we've taken a direct hit."

Wales didn't have time to think about his own property, though.

The roads were blocked and his neighbors needed help.

"There was a 14-year-old killed behind me and a 41-year-old lady down here that lost their life. There were five injured people I hauled out in the back of my truck to help the ambulance," he said.

When he got everyone to safety, Wales went to check on his next door neighbors, who had just pulled up before the storm.

"I went up there, started throwing debris away, started hollering 'James and Sandra! James and Sandra!' I could hear them moaning. I found them in the stairwell that's still standing in a little cubby hole," said Wales.

Their home was destroyed, but the couple is okay.

Wales says he needs a break from this ugly tragedy.  He's looking forward to the weekend since he'll be cooking ribs and chicken at Whistle Stop. His team's called "Grillin and Chillin."

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