Madison County man survives 2 tornadoes in same neighborhood

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Anderson Hills Subdivision has been in the path of two destructive tornados.

The first one blew through in 1995, damaging and destroying dozens of homes.

The one last week took a very similar path as the one from 16 years ago.

Robert Colbert picks up what's left after a twister devastated his Anderson Hills home.

If he seems to cope okay, it's because this is Colbert's fourth tornado outbreak he's lived to tell about.

"October '74 in Tuscaloosa, little bit north of Golf Road in 89, May 1995 in Anderson Hills and now this one April 27th Anderson Hills again," said Colbert.

Colbert's home 16 years ago had some roof damage, but the twister last week was far less forgiving.

Luckily, Colbert knew it was coming and rode the storm out away from his neighborhood.

"Doesn't matter if it's siding or brick, if the tornado is going to get it, it's going to get it regardless," said Colbert.

The storm lifted Colbert's roof, rain poured in and ruined his hardwood floors.

His den's a wet junky mess, and Colbert's master bedroom is nothing more than a pile of ruble.

Colbert is most sick over is losing his beloved man cave--his movie screen is ruined, his floor is littered with ceiling tile and insulation, the roof is gone, and his favorite picture on the wall is water logged.

Colbert said he has it better than next door, though, because his neighbors have nothing.

Will Colbert build back? He says probably so, but his house will sit in an area away from the Anderson Hill subdivision.

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