Lawrence County woman finds diamond ring in rubble

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Wednesday, April 27th, started off as a normal day for Jennifer Warren. She hung her diamond engagement ring on the cabinet while she cooked.

However, after dinner she, her six-year-old daughter Jade and several others were hustled into the storm shelter her dad built.

Warren said even before she got out of the shelter she was thinking about the ring, but when she saw the devastation around her----those thoughts changed.  "That part is devastating."

She said it was tough looking at what used to be her home and neighborhood...when everything was gone.  For a week she has been looking for the ring and pictures of her daughter. "I had a stick that day was pulling over the debris to see what I could find...and I found things like quarters."

She was literally digging around and thought she found another quarter. "I picked it up and turned it around...and it was my ring."

"I jumped up and down and I run up and I hollered. I ran up the road and I really could not believe I found it ."

For Jennifer, her fiance and daughter...their home may be gone but the symbol of eternal love is back on the finger of a very grateful woman.

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