Calhoun Community College's baseball team volunteers in Tanner

TANNER, AL (WAFF) - The Calhoun Community College baseball team is used to knocking balls out of the park, but these days they are knocking down trees and raking up debris.

"Seeing all these houses and land and property and people without homes,without food, water, sometimes shelter, it's really hard. Actually, unbelievable," said player Russ Sandlin.

That's why these players, managers, and even assistant coaches decided that they wanted to do something to help.

Thursday they were out on Stewart Road in Tanner.

"Everybody needs help. There was a couple over here that didn't have anybody really working in their yard the first day we came here. This couple didn't have anyone here so we thought this would be a great place to start," said head coach Mike Burns.

Since "starting", they have put in about ten hours throughout the community-quite a lot for a team that is preparing for a state championship game in Ozark, Alabama this Saturday.

However, Coach Burns said these last few days have taught the team that there are other things bigger than baseball.

"This has brought us together. We have a little more teamwork and realize how fortunate we really are to be able to live and still have houses," said Sandlin.

"I'm just glad we are out here, just trying to help our community," said player Joe Hyde.

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