Waste Management utilizes command center for daily operations

Waste Management Mobile Command Center (Source: Waste Management)
Waste Management Mobile Command Center (Source: Waste Management)

From: Waste Management

TUSCALOOSA, AL - Waste Management trucks have been operating every day since the recent tornadoes struck Alabama.  Both Waste Management's office and a maintenance facility were struck by the storm's powerful punch and the company quickly moved into recovery response mode.

Recent storm activity in the past decade led Waste Management to develop a mobile "command center" that includes overnight functionality plus satellite voice and data-enabler systems to ensure that employees are able to return to performing their essential collection jobs in the community as soon as practical following a storm.

Terri Douglas with Waste Management explains, "Doing everything we can to prepare before a weather event and return to service after a crisis is what being a good community partner is all about."

It's the type of service you rarely think about until it's truly needed.  Much like electricity for your home or gasoline in your vehicle, most residents may take their garbage or recycling collection for granted under ordinary daily circumstances.

The mobile command center is located at 3150 35th St., in Tuscaloosa. Fully staffed and operational since Friday, April 29, the command center provides a safe and effective environment to work on a daily basis.

Waste Management continues to cooperate with local officials and emergency management staff as they begin to open areas that were previously considered unsafe or debris damaged areas. Waste Management drivers will not enter into an area deemed restricted for safety access.