HU & TVA Explain Continued Restoration Process

From Huntsville Utilities:

As of 12 pm, Huntsville Utilities reports that there are approximately 700 reported outages. The reported outages are mainly residential customers and small businesses. The nature of these outages is small pockets of customers or individual structures where transformers, downed lines, and other isolated damage exists.

Huntsville Utilities crews have been joined by crews from Lakeland, FL; Lake Worth, FL; Tuskegee, AL; and Pulaski, TN in assessing and starting work in the hardest hit areas of the electric service system. Line and utility poles are being installed to return service to the homes and businesses that are inhabitable.

In a news conference with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Huntsville Utilities updated the community on the restoration process. TVA's Vice President for Power Systems Operations Rob Manning explained how the 200-foot transmission towers are constructed that will return HU's service to normal electric delivery from TVA.

TVA estimates that it will be late May before regular transmission is restored to this area.

With this in mind, Huntsville Utilities will continue to stress the significance of conservation. In order to keep power stabilize on the temporary patches to TVA, customers will need to control their electric use.

Air conditioners are the largest drain on the system. The utility company is requesting that all customers turn their thermostats to 78 to 80 degrees. The peak usage hours for electric consumption are 2 to 8 p.m. Please refrain from using the air conditioner and other unnecessary appliances during this time frame if at all possible.

This is a long-term recovery and the cooperation of every customer is deeply appreciated. Remaining a stable environment for the temporary delivery system is crucial.

Huntsville Utilities appreciates the patience all customers have shown. We know we have customers who have lost their homes and family members and wish to express our condolences and concern for their plight.