Arab volunteer hopes her actions help her town rebuild

Before last week's storms, you wouldn't have found Tonya Camp taking food to anyone, especially to a person she didn't know.

"I was very cold hearted. I could care less about anybody," said Camp.

However, when the scenery changed in her hometown of Ruth, so did her attitude.

"It makes me thankful to be alive," said Camp.

You can now find Tonya everyday at the Arab Recreational Center, volunteering her time and skills in any way possible. She cooks and cleans and when that's done, she hits the roads to take meals out into the surrounding communities.

Of course it's also a little tougher when its your own community among those needing the most help.

"You know I can't stand to look at it. It hurts so bad."

It's hard for Tonya to look across a nearby field because that is where the storm took the home and the lives of five family friends-- the Hallmarks.

However, in the midst of tragedy, Tonya has learned to appreciate life a little more.

"Yesterday, we delivered a hot meal, and the man actually cried, you know, and people take that for granted and we don't even think about the little things, you know?"

Little things like providing food for someone who has lost everything has now become her life's top priority.

"It's made my heart bigger," said Camp.

She hopes her volunteerism will help bring her community back, bigger and stronger than ever.

"It'll be back. It may take a while but it'll be back," said Camp.

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