Blood supply reaches safe level

A week ago, when tornadoes ripped across the Southeast, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers appealed to donors for help. The response was overwhelming.

"Today we can report we are no longer facing an emergency, and all of our hospitals have a safe and adequate supply of blood," said LifeSouth Vice President of Operations J.B. Bowles.

In the first 24 hours after the tornadoes struck, the hospitals served by LifeSouth went through a typical three-day supply of blood. Bowles said, like many people, the donors who responded to the call were looking for a way they could help others.

"They came in great numbers, and the patience they've displayed and their giving spirit were an inspiration to our staff," Bowles added.

Regular blood drives will still be continuing in the communities in Alabama, Georgia and Florida where LifeSouth supplies more than 100 hospitals.

"The need for blood is always with us. Many of the communities we serve need 1,000 donors every week just to meet the regular needs of their local hospitals," Bowles said. "Patients will still be needing surgery, cancer patients and accident victims will still be needing blood."