Huntsville Utilities Receiving More Power From TVA

TVA started releasing more sections of power to Huntsville Utilities as of 12 pm, noon today. The blocks of power will be small and will be used to restore sections of the system that have yet to receive any power.

The initial areas to be restored will include residential areas specifically targeting schools throughout Madison County. If there are no problems during this ramp up of power coming to the Huntsville system, HU will continue to bring on areas during the afternoon, evening and throughout the night.

The utility company's goal is to have power restored to 95% of all customers, with the exception of the major tornado-damaged areas, by Wednesday morning.

A concern Huntsville Utilities has about the stability of the system is the effect the weather will have on usage. This week we are experiencing some cool temperatures that are helping with the conservation measures. Next week temperatures are expected to rise which could create a large amount of air conditioner usage. We want to remind customers to please use their air conditioners sparingly and to put the thermostat on 78 to 80 degrees. The regular peak use hours for air conditioning are from 3 to 7 p.m., and it is crucial that customers assist us with conservation so the system will remain stable.

Conservation of water and electricity are going to be an ongoing need.

Utility customers are concerned when their power is not on but neighboring streets have power. This is because of isolated outage trouble, such as a tree limb in lines or blown transformer. If this is your situation, please call 256-535-1200 or 256-53LIGHT (535-4448) and place a trouble order ticket in our automated trouble system. Customer Representatives are available for calls but there may be a wait, whereas the automated system is always available.

Huntsville Utilities appreciates the support of the community. We will continue to update you as progress is made.

Information from Huntsville Utilities