Lawrence County community destroyed by storms

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Take a trip down County Road 234 in Lawrence County, and you'll see that the community of Mount Moriah has been wiped out.

"Sure enough. It was something," said storm survivor William Powell.

Powell has only lived at the home in Lawrence County for two years, but the memories from Wednesday's storms are enough to last a lifetime. He said the storms started rolling through around 3:00 that afternoon, right after he had just returned home.

"All of a sudden, the wind knocked our trailer four feet off the foundation," he remembered.

His neighbor's mobile home was picked up by the storm and it now rests on top of Powell's home.

Powell and his 19-year-old son, also named William, hit the floor when they heard the sound.

"I was just saying 'please keep me alive, please keep me alive.' It was bad. We ran and hid and within 30 seconds, it was over. We came out and started looking. Everything was gone," said Powell's son William.

They went outside to find their neighborhood destroyed, but that wasn't the worst of it.

Upon searching through the piles of rubble along the street, they discovered two neighbors, a father and son, who didn't make it.

While all of this is still very emotional to talk about, the Powells said this community is a strong team, and they will pull together to rebuild. The response from volunteers is helping the community do that quicker- showing up with everything from generators, tarps, and even food.

"God bless them," said Powell.

If you want to donate to tornado victims, visit this page.

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