Woman survives storm in shower with children

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Northwest Madison County was devastated by Wednesday's storms.

Homes along Carter's Gin Road were leveled.

Neighbors and strangers went to work to help storm victims regain their lives.

This is 158 Old Eli Road in Madison County.

All that's left is a foundation piled with memories, and a family's life scattered to the wind.

Phillip Sims shares with us the homeowners incredible story of survival.

"She was at home, with her three kids, her husband was at work. The shower over there, she took her and her three kids put them in the shower.  In about five seconds she said it was all over with," said volunteer Phillip Sims.

The woman and her children made it out alive. This is the bathtub where they hunkered down. You can see the pillow used for protection still inside the tub.

Next door, her neighbor, a friend of Sims', lost everything too.

He brought a front end loader over to help clear away debris.

"I cried. I cried. Just knowing how blessed we are. It was hard for me to see. All this devastation," said Sims.

Sims doesn't live here, or in this county, but like so many others he wanted to do something to help.

He and his son search through piles of rubble to try and salvage anything they can.

Volunteers know the process of cleaning up won't be easy, but Sims said he feels good helping others get back on their feet, and every little piece moved is one step closer to recovery.

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