Alabama EMA sends 35 teams to affected counties

Bethel Church of Christ in Limesone County (Source: mtaylor)
Bethel Church of Christ in Limesone County (Source: mtaylor)

Management Agency has deployed 35 teams in DeKalb, Tuscaloosa, Calhoun, Franklin, Marion, Fayette and Madison counties that range from basic rescue of trapped individuals to the location, rescue and initial medical stabilization of victims that may be trapped in a collapsed structure.

The teams are made up of local government agencies that have agreed to assist outside their home area during a time of crisis. There are 10 heavy rescue teams, 10 medium rescue teams, five light rescue teams, one urban search and rescue team, one state mortuary team and eight law enforcement teams.

The teams, part of the Alabama Mutual Aid System, are important to the coordinated effort to ensure the response to this disaster is as effective as possible and that Alabamians impacted by the destruction in their neighborhoods are not injured further.

-Information from the Alabama Emergency Management Agency