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My Take - Decatur Student Suspension

Several Decatur High School students have been suspended for drinking alcohol during a school trip to Europe.  The students were part of a choral group that was performing in Italy.  The school says that even though the students were of legal drinking age in Italy, they had signed a code of conduct before leaving Alabama in which they agreed not to drink alcohol.  The chaperones on the trip were also required to sign it.  According to school officials, one group of students did purchase wine without the knowledge of the chaperones.  Obviously, they should have known better.  But a second group of students is being punished for drinking wine samples that were reportedly provided to them by the chaperones.  So why are those students being suspended?  The people who are really at fault are the chaperones who told them it was okay.  Their job on this trip was to keep the kids out of trouble and provide them with adult supervision.  The students shouldn't be punished because a handful of chaperones decided it was okay to bend the rules.  I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take.  What's yours?   

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