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Officials ask residents for help in finding Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo Holly Bobo

(WMC-TV) - At a press conference Sunday, TBI officials said they have found items that may help them in the search for missing nursing student Holly Bobo.

Authorities are asking for help from people in the Parsons community as the search for Bobo continues.

The TBI and other law enforcement agencies asked residents during a news conference to take notice of anyone whose whereabouts were unaccounted for Wednesday morning when Bobo went missing.

Officials said to be on the lookout for changes in behavior, such as missing work Wednesday through Friday. They also said to look for someone who may have excessively cleaned or sold a vehicle or all-terrain vehicle.

Nearly 1,000 people turned out Sunday to help find Bobo.

"We've been out here every day," said volunteer Clint Sanders.  "Hopefully this will be our last search."

They searched on all-terrain vehicles, foot, horseback and with dogs.

"Every mother who has a daughter, it's their biggest fear," said volunteer Amy Wood.

Volunteer Tammie Todd went to college with Bobo's mother.

"I still think she's alive in my heart," said Todd.  "Our daughter's 27 and she's here now, out on her four-wheeler looking."

The public has given authorities more than 250 tips in the disappearance. Search teams continued to look for clues to Bobo's whereabouts Sunday in areas around Interstate 40 and at Natchez State Park in Henderson County.

Meanwhile, Sunday morning, Bobo's congregation gathered to pray and offer comfort to the family.  Bobo's mother attended the service.

Pastor Don Franks urged the congregation to pray for Bobo's safe return.

"Holly Bobo was signed up and scheduled to sing at our church this morning, and there's going to be an empty spot in our congregation this morning," said Franks.  "There's a big hurting in our heart, because we don't know where she is and we don't know what she's going through."

Bobo disappeared Wednesday morning.  Investigators said the nursing student was on her way to class.  Her brother last saw her walking off into the woods with a man wearing camouflage holding her arm.

Austin Cook drove two hours to join the rescue effort.  He heard about Bobo on the news.

"I had a family member abducted a while ago, a sister-in-law," said Cook.  "I know the feeling of just the dread, of not knowing what's going on, or where the person is, or how she is at all."

Jeff Todd, the pastor of a nearby church, decided his congregation should be out in the woods instead of in the pews on Palm Sunday.

"I know if it was my daughter, I'd want everyone out looking for her," said Todd.

There is a reward for information that helps authorities find Bobo and arrest any abductor.

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