Bobby's Bama: Rock Springs Library

There's nothing better than curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon, but one man took his love for reading to new heights.

Rock Spring's library contains nearly 5,000 books.

Owner Larry Brown said he still has books he bought with his dad while in grammar school.

"I would buy a book and bring the list home and he would buy a book for me, too," said Brown.

Larry also inherited his brother Donny's books when he passed away in 2009. He said his brother's death inspired him to build the library.

"That's really the reason I built this now.  My house was full already." "He and I were book lovers and we collected similar he left me his books and I wanted to put them all together and this was kind of like therapy to me because of that," Brown said.

One of the types of books the brothers liked to collect together is mysteries.

"The Hardy Boys mysteries....we have almost all of those.  We bought most of those at Sears in Huntsville before Sears even had a store in Decatur," he said.

Mud On the Stars gives the reader a glimpse into local author William Bradford Huey.

Books about science fiction, faith and areas around the globe can all be found in Larry's library.

"That's kind of been my passion all my life is books," he said.

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