Illusions Day Spa remains closed one day after raid

Illusions Day Spa remains closed after Morgan County Police arrested two people
Illusions Day Spa remains closed after Morgan County Police arrested two people

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Illusions Day Spa on Highway 231 in Lacey's Spring has long since been a problem with residents and nearby businesses.

Many have wanted to see it closed and want it to stay that way. The "Open For Business" sign was turned off and the parking lot empty.

On the front steps was a green duffle bag filled with lingerie.

Monday, the owner Teresa Ann Higdon and her daughter Patricia were arrested for promoting second degree prostitution.

This isn't the first time Illusions has been busted.

In 2003, undercover agents arrested two women for prostitution.

In 2004, Morgan County authorities discovered Illusions had became a meeting point for prostitutes and johns, and even serving as a money drop.

So how has this business with a shady past plagued with sex and drugs been allowed to remain open?

Morgan County Sheriff says has involved The Department of Revenue to investigate fraud and money laundering, a way to keep the business closed for good.

"This has been an ongoing thorn in the side of Morgan County and Huntsville for years. We've had complaints from this community, we've stopped people coming out that's had narcotics on them," said Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin.

According to authorities, a lot of clients use Illusion's website to do their homework on the employees.

You can pick the girl you are interested in and even check out her weight and chest size.

Also on the website is a price sheet and a place for customer reviews.

You can also pay for services by credit card. The credit card information and other evidence could likely be used in the prosecution of this case.

Some of the information on Illusions website has since been taken down.

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