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Moonshine still discovered in the Shoals


One man is behind bars after the discovery of a moonshine still on his property.

Alabama Alcohol and Beverage CommitteeBoard officials, in Florence, haven't come across a moonshine still in years, but that changed on Saturday.

"They're still out there, but it's been since the 1990's since we've found one in this area," said Alabama ABC's Monty Merryman.

Saturday night, a Rogersville police officer responded to a domestic abuse call. When he arrived at the home off Lauderdale County Road 55 the suspect took off. The officer started a search and came across a shed on the property.

That's when the officer noticed the still.

"He was very heads up and observant to his surroundings, A lot of people would have probably just walked past it and not realize what it was," adds Merryman.

46-year-old Mark Lunsford of Rogersville, was charged with possession of a still. He's also the owner of the property where the discovery was made.

"It's not the most sophisticated. He didn't take as much pride in it as a lot of people do, but it is still a moonshine still," said Merryman.

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